Vulnerable People Policy

We make no restrictions on registering anyone as a patient. We aim to treat all patients equally and on the basis of need.

Safeguarding meetings

In line with national guidelines the Practice maintains a children and young person’s Safeguarding Register. This enables timely multi-disciplinary review and support of all patients on the register.

The lead for Adult Safeguarding is Dr K Smith

The lead for Child Safeguarding is Mrs A Disney

Safeguarding Training

The practice delivers annual safeguarding training for ALL members of staff. This includes training to alert staff to recognise individuals who may be at risk.

Learning Disabilities

We maintain a register of patients whom have Learning Disabilities . This enables the practice to ensure we invite all patients whom have learning disabilities to attend for an health check.

Interpreter Services

If English is not your first language and you have difficulty understanding or speaking English We are, with notice able to arrange an interpreter to assist you with your appointment. Additionally if you communicate via British Sign Language then again with notice we can if required organises an appropriate interpreter.

If you require an interpreter or signer then please inform the receptionist at the time you book your appointment.