Proof of Vaccination for 12-Year Olds (and Older) via the NHS App

From 3rd Feb 2021, changes are expected with regard to proof of vaccination for 12-year-olds (and older) via the NHS app.

From 3rd Feb 2021,13-15-year-olds will be able to sign up to the NHS app using their own e-mail address and as long as they pass validation with a passport, they will get access to covid vaccine certificates and also recovery certificates which will appear ten days after a positive covid PCR test and remain valid until 180 days after the date of the test.

In addition to this, 12-year-olds and older will be able to request vaccine certificates online via or ring to request them via 119. Adults can already do this. For the online route, an NHS login will need to be created. For the 12-year-olds they’ll be able to use this to get into the app (it is hoped) once they reach age 13. Recovery certificates will be available via the online route but only vaccine certificates will be available via the 119 postal route.

Any certificate issued will be valid a month and if a longer duration is needed it must be requested again via 119, or the relevant website visited again to trigger generation of a fresh QR code with a new validity period.